Monday, October 03, 2005

New Web Presence


This Blog Site was created to enhance our website on Yahoo at:

and serve as an interactive forum for those interested in Yoshinkan Aikido within Alaska. I will try to post often with class schedules & locations, photos, seminars, and other events within the Nihon Bugei Shinkokan Dojo.

Feel free to write or post comments; all I ask is that you be respectful of others opinions.

J. Fish, Fairbanks

Aikido Yoshinkai Alaska is part of the Nihon Bugei Shinkokan Dojo, located in both Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska.
Head Instructor: Delfin (Dale) Labrador

Assistant Instructor: Bill Templin, Anchorage
Assistant Instructor: Jim Fish, Fairbanks

We offer instruction in authentic Yoshinkan Aikido.

Shinkokan Dojo is registered with the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation (IYAF), in Japan. The IYAF was founded by the late Soke Gozo Shioda. Shinkokan Dojo also offers instruction in Karate-do and Iaido.


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