Saturday, June 17, 2023

Shoryukan Dojo, Alaska

Summer 2023

Hello, we are still training (post-covid) on Friday's at 7pm, at:

Artisan's Courtyard

1755 Westwood Way

(off College Rd., next to Toy Quest)

Come learn the basics of Yoshinkan Aikido and improve your centering, balance, timing and martial application skills.

We also utilize buki-waza to understand weapons applciations and how they relate to aikido technique.

Ph:  907-388-8375 


Shoryukan Dojo is operated in Fairbanks, Alaska by Sensei James Fish, who holds a current rank of San-Dan from Tsuneo Ando Shihan (Yoshinkan Ryu Dojo, February 2014), and who is also an AYF-certified instructor.  Shoryukan Dojo is registered with the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (formerly IYAF) in Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan, and with the Ryu World Aikido Federation in Urayasu, Japan. Shoryukan Dojo also offers training in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido, under the supervision of Shiroi Bara Dojo, of the Eikoku Roshukai. 

For information about our Iadio training, see: