Saturday, December 16, 2017

Shoryukan Dojo, Alaska

Shoryukan Dojo Alaska
HappyHolidays…Come join us for aikido training

Today wrapped up our training for 2017, as two students tested for 6th Kyu (last night), and we circled back to kihon waza and explored shomen uchi ikkajo osae ichi...Also came across this picture (O' Sensei) to complement our recent aiki jo training sessions - seemed appropriate to share:

Shoryukan Dojo will be closed until January 18th, 2018, as the Courtyard (NS Ballet) prepares to repair their floating dance floors. This gives an opportunity to enjoy the holidays and return refreshed and ready to train! OSU!

Also beginning January 25th, a new semester of Iaido classes through the UAF Community and Technical College recreation program will begin:
CRN: 34494

Register online at:

Happy Holidays to all! 

At Shoryukan Dojo, all aikidoka are welcome to come train in Yoshinkan Aikido – we train with the curriculum developed and sanctioned by Yoshinkan Hombu Dojo in Japan, as well with “buki-waza” or aiki-based weapon movements.

UAF students and military personnel welcome

Thursday evenings 6:00 pm
Friday evenings 6:00 pm
Saturday mornings 9:30 am

At the Artisan’s Courtyard
Studio 1
1755 Westwood Way (off College Rd – next to Toy Quest)

Call (907) 388-8375 for more information

Shoryukan Dojo also trains in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido, and offers Iaido training and instruction through UAF’s Community and Technical College. See our blog:

Details of our Spring 2018 class coming soon…


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