Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shoryukan Dojo, Alaska

Autumn Update, 2009

Hello! The Artisan’s Courtyard installed a new sign board in the parking lot this past summer – you can see Shoryukan Dojo listed on the right side.

I’ve been lax again in updating this blog – Shoryukan Dojo students continue to train and grow in Yoshinkan Aikido. We’re currently reviewing the sankyu waza as we may have some tests later in December. We’ve also been training more in surwari waza to increase our skills in the seiza position, and build on our movements from center. We also continue to train in beginning buki waza to compliment our Aikido training.

Our training schedule continues as:

Monday 6:30pm at the Artisan’s Courtyard (on College Rd)

Thursday 6:00pm at the Artisan’s Courtyard

Saturday 9:00am at Heart of the Dragon Tae Kwon Do studio (Deere St).

Call for more details, and come train in aikido!

(907) 388-8375